We're obsessed with hoverboards, and there's nothing we love more than testing out the coolest new hoverboard features.


We discuss the latest innovations in hoverboard technology and safety features. If it's hoverboard related, we'll blog about it!

Top Speed

The fastest hoverboards on the market will top out at 12mph, with the majority of brands topping out at 10mph. There are also a lot of high quality hover boards that top out around 6.2mph. While 6.2mph seems slow when compared to 10mph, it is actually a very fast speed to be moving at on a two wheel self balancing scooter. We have tested many different models at different speeds, and 6.25mph is plenty of speed for us.


The industry standard for hoverbaord wheel size is 7-inches (see Swagtron T1). There are benefits to a 7-inch wheel: they make a hoverboard more compact, and easier to store/transport. There are also some downsides to a 7-inch wheel. While they perform great on very smooth, indoor surfaces, they do not perform well on some outdoor surfaces. If you are serious about commuting on a self balancing scooter, consider buying a scooter with 8.5-inch wheels, they are able to navigate outdoor surfaces much more effectively at higher speeds.


Hoverboards have come down significantly in price in the last few months. It used to be hard to get your hands on a self-balancing scooter for under $1000, now you can find them as cheap as $300.  The drop in price can be attributed to the scale of production. In the past much of this production took place in China. Due to quality control issues abroad many of the top brands brought their manufacturing to the US. This has resulted in lowered prices, elevated quality and stringent safety standards.

Range/Charge Rate

The average range of a self-balancing scooter is 10 to 12 miles. For most commuters this is plenty of distance on a single charge, but for those looking to travel greater distances there are some high-end models (like the  Powerboard) with a range of upwards of 15 miles. What really separates these hoverboards is battery power and charge time. The premium brands pack a 36 volt(v) 4.4 amp(AH) and can fully charge in 2 to 3 hours. This technology is constantly improving.